Brain Injury

Accidents causing brain injuries usually have a devastating impact on the lives of injured individuals and their families. Often, head impact injuries come with permanent negative health issues such as traumatic or mild traumatic brain injuries. In most cases, brain injury accidents could have been mitigated or prevented if someone had not been reckless or negligent.

The Law Office of Ronald D. Smith is in the business of helping those who have suffered injuries involving the head and brain which result in devastating disability.

We represent victims who have suffered injuries to the brain and the skull such as:

  • Smashed Skull;
  • Wrongful Death;
  • Trauma to the Head;
  • Skull Fracture
  • Bicycle and Motor Cycle Accidents;
  • Other Blunt Head Trauma;

Head Trauma Can Cause Serious Brain Injuries and Wrongful Death

Without going into too much detail, impacts and trauma to your head can cause you a serious subdural hematoma, a concussion, swelling (water on the brain), hemorrhage, intracranial pressure;  global hypoxia, anoxic brain injury or hypoxic brain injury. There are many other types of problems such as loss of mental ability which can interfere with faculty of reason, feelings, thoughts and analysis factors. Sometimes the injury producing event can lead to a coma, a persistent vegetative state, other catastrophic injuries or a form of death.

There are many aspects of the brain that must be understood when determining what approach to take as follows:

Types of Brain Injury

  • Skull Fractures
  • Diffuse Axonal Injuries (DAI)
  • Concussions and Contusions
  • Anoxic Brain Injuries
  • Contrecoup
  • Epidural Hematoma or subdural hematoma

Serious brain injury is often life long and may require at home nursing care and gadgets and devices to assist the person in his medical treatment, not to mention medication. The Law Office of Ronald D. Smith has vast legal experience in brain injury lawsuits. He specializes in helping the victim manage his or her care to maximize the total compensatory award for special and general damages.

This monetary compensation may be the only way you can get money to help you cope with the life altering effects of permanent head trauma. The Law Office of Ronald D. Smith makes sure to get you medical and economic experts who will assist you in evaluating your lifetime care plan for things like prescription drugs, doctors, transportation and full time nursing care, or even nursing facilities.

Because the science involved in serious brain injuries is evolving constantly, you need to retain a lawyer who has extensive experience in this field of law and science. These cases will typically require psychological testing by the best medical experts in the field.

Serious Brain Injury

Questions and Answers About Brain Injuries, Mild Traumatic and Traumatic, Caused by Devastating Accidents

Because there are many catastrophic accidents in our area, our local law firm is approached constantly by injured victims seeking to recover for brain injuries like mild traumatic brain injury and traumatic brain injuries.

Often it may appear there is no head injury but in reality there is permanent brain damage to a victim hurt in an accident. Because of this truth, traumatic brain injuries, such as closed head injury, with no cuts or abrasions, will frequently go undiagnosed at the hospital immediately after a crash accident. Sometimes, victims with traumatic brain injury from head impact or jarring, don’t know they are hurt. This is because a closed head traumatic brain injury won’t always show physical manifestations of these types of orthopedic injuries.

Both traumatic and mild traumatic brain injuries create forgetfulness, inattention, and other short term and long term memory problems. Additionally brain injuries can cause irritability, depression and feinting spells and even seizures, loss of smell, loss of eyesight and hearing loss. These are catastrophic effects and can require lifetime care. These also result in severe mental pain and suffering on the person and his or her entire family. Our law firm is experienced in these types of injuries and we want to help evaluate your case and minimize the effects of your unfortunate diagnosis for brain injuries.

Mild traumatic injury is damage to the brain like a jarring that results in loss of certain memory functions such as short term or long term memory and even a dulled feeling. Traumatic impact from an automobile collision accident is a major cause of mild traumatic brain injury.