Personal Injury

Since 1977, attorney Ronald D. Smith has been providing expert legal representation to clients who have sustained serious personal injuries in car accidents, slip and falls, motorcycle and boat accidents in Fresno, CA and surrounding communities. Attorney Ronald D. Smith has also handled many severe dog bite cases involving disfigurement. In some cases, his clients were children who were injured and disfigured by dog attacks. Other attorneys refer personal injury cases to attorney Ronald D. Smith because of his expert ability to find liability and advocate for his clients.


Our Personal Injury Law Services Include:

Serious Personal Injury

Attorney Ronald D. Smith of Fresno, CA offers top-notch legal representation for clients facing serious personal injury and those who have experienced a wrongful death in their family. We understand in wrongful death cases and severe personal injury cases, families are experiencing the worst time in their lives. We try to guide them through the legal process as painlessly as possible. Our goal is to maximize our client’s recovery and to try to make the client as whole again as possible. Attorney Ronald D. Smith has handled more than 3,000 personal injury cases. We serve all of Central Valley. Our Serious Personal Injury Services Include: