Spinal Injuries

The Law Office of Ronald Smith would like to discuss your potential case. Our office is skilled at handling spinal cord injuries such as herniated disc injury, disc bulge & ruptured disc matters. We have brought this educational page to discuss what a herniated disc injury attorney, or bulging disc attorney will do for you if you are injured in California, and why a spinal cord injury is so important to have diagnosed early on.

Herniated Disc & Disc Bulge

     Herniated disc injuries are also known in the medical community as ruptured disc and bulging disc injuries. These serious and sometimes life threatening back injuries are quite common in accidents, such as car crashes, truck crash, tread separation and vehicle rollover accidents. Due to the g-forces involved in a high speed or low speed crashes, the human spinal column will sometimes come out of place and result in a ruptured disc. A small bone that is connected to the spine, called a disc normally separates the human back bones, making the spinal cord pliable and supple. These small bones separated by cartilage, are called vertebrae.

     Our law firm has found that when the human disc is caused to violently shift out of place, the resulting effect will often create a condition known as a “slipped” disc, or herniation. Medical professionals also call this condition a “ruptured” disc injury. If a disc is forced out of place, it places great pressure on the human spinal channel. This causes enormous pressure on the nerves in the spinal column. Often, the herniated disc victim will experience severe pain in their extremities. The most common complaints of bulging disc injuries areback pain, leg pain, and neck and shoulder pain.

     Many people who get in a car crash are immediately filled with adrenaline. Adrenaline may cause a feeling of euphoria that covers up serious injuries. This is a natural human response that makes us able to fight, or flee from a dangerous situation. But many confuse this response and assume they aren’t really injured. But later, after the adrenaline wears off, many auto accident victims, for example, will notice severe pain in their backs, feet, legs, or hands. Trying to pretend everything is o.k., will often exacerbate the spinal cord injury and make things much worse. This is how insurance companies will try to justify not paying on many valid claims. This is why you need to immediately seek medical attention after a motor vehicle collision.

     It cannot be overstated just how important it is to take an ambulance to the hospital after an impact, and to stabilize yourself after a serious impact injury, get x-rays, a Cat scan, and/or MRI right away. Back injuries resulting from a slipped disc can be permanent and even fatal. All it takes is one serious impact collision. Often, a car crash victim assumes he or she won’t need an attorney, will fail to seek treatment and try and deal with the insurance company on their own. This will almost always give the insurance defense attorneys the ability to win the accident claim. Failing to seek treatment immediately, giving recorded statements, etc., will make the accident victim appear to be “faking” it and will be deemed a fraudulent claim.

     It is very important to immediately seek legal advice after any automobile accident from an attorney who understands spinal cord injuries. (That’s us)

     If you have been in a car crash, train crash, bicycle crash, big rig crash, etc., you must get a free consultation from a qualified accident lawyer. We are available to help you.

Most Common Symptoms in a Herniated Disc Injury

     Back Pain: As discussed above, back pain is a sure sign you may have a bulging disc, or spinal cord injury. Lower back pain is typically where you will notice the back pain. These discs are the discs that will typically herniate in a high impact crash. Spinal column discs are designed to be pliable, but the forces in an impact often can cause a ruptured disc, which will put enormous pressure on the sciatic nerve. Sharp pains coupled with numbness are often associated with a ruptured disc injury. This cocktail of symptoms will often travel to the feet, and legs. In due time, the pressure created by a bulging disc will cause chronic symptoms of pain or a numbing sensation.

     Human back muscles, like the spinal erector, upper rhomboids and trapezium can become weak, creating a systemic breakdown in your entire body. Herniated disc injuries are also known to cause numbness in the calves, toes and feet. A California personal injury victim may find he or she is unable to walk without great pain, go to work, exercise, or do anything that requires physical exertion. Symptoms include weakness and tingling sensations.

Review - How Can I Get Money Damages For My Spinal Cord Injury? – Effect of Stronger Bumpers and Cars on Your Insurance Claims

     Liability insurance carriers have a vast advertising campaign designed to trick the public jury pool into thinking cars are built stronger and therefore people aren’t really hurt, or they merely suffered a “soft tissue injury”. Insurance companies hope seriously injured victims won’t get compensation as a result of their brainwashing campaigns on television and the radio. They fail to explain that stronger cars mean the force of the impact is now transferred into the human car occupants, instead of crumpling and lessening the force to the car driver, or passenger. Ironically, it is the insurance industry who led the fight to make bumpers stiffer and stronger, so they could avoid paying property damage claims for bumpers. But insurance companies persist that most motor vehicle accidents are “fraud”, or simply too minor. Insurance companies will accuse the car accident victim of failing to treat, or not treating enough. It is a no win situation. Insurance adjusters talk out of both sides of their mouth in an attempt to belittle you into believing their false, misleading and abusive remarks.

     Truth is, car accidents result in a major percentage of spinal cord injury cases in the United States. A serious back injury causes missed work, lost wages, pain and suffering, lost future income, and weight gain due to inactivity. This can lead to obesity and other serious health defects like diabetes and clogged arteries requiring a stent. Herniated disc claims must be litigated by personal injury attorneys. This is the only way an insurance company will pay. A non represented spinal cord injury plaintiff is like little red riding hood to the “wolf” insurance adjuster  You need to retain an excellent attorney who understands these serious injuries. Call the Law Office of Ronald D. Smith now. You will be pleased with the quality of representation and the amount of your recovery.