Big Rig Injury

18 wheeler commercial trucks and trailers haul and ship products throughout California. These commercial vehicle tractor trailers are a major contributing factor in many accidents involving pedestrians and passenger vehicles. A huge land vehicle, with a jackknifed tractor trailer is far more dangerous to people and small cars than most small passenger car accidents would be. Generally speaking, there are many more potential defendants who could be liable for the accident than just the tractor drivers, like their boss for example.

     In fact and in law, you may be able to sue the tractor trailer owner, the tractor trailer driver, the manufacturers of any defective parts, such as a blown tire, or bad brakes, and even the buyer, purchaser, seller who was distributing the load or even the trailer owner who may be a different person than the tractor owner. In fact, it could have been negligently loaded, which could cause shifting and make the trailer jackknife at high speed on the freeway.

Retain Tractor-Trailer Claims Lawyers

     When truck collisions do occur, trucking companies involved in the accident often send their claim representatives to the accident scene to try and trick accident victims into giving an incorrect statement and discredit the injury victims. If you have been a victim of a tractor-trailer accident you should immediately speak to an attorney.

What We Do For You

     The Law Office of Ronald D. Smith litigates major tractor-trailer trucking injury cases in California and in such Counties as Fresno, Kern, Kings, Tulare, Madera, and Merced. We have paralegals, legal secretaries and personnel who understand California tractor trailer regulations and how to evaluate your case. We go to work for you, our client. We strive to better our communities, make roads safer and freeways more trouble free.

Primary Causes of Many Tractor Trailer Accidents:

     The larger the need for goods, the greater the growth of tractor trailers on major freeways like the 99, 41, and I-5. The consumer population is rising. This means more and more dangerous trucks on the highway. Tractor trailers can prove fatal to automobiles, SUVs and even motorcycles and bicyclists. These monsters of steel can kill!

Primary causes of accidents with tractor trailers are:

  • Truck Driver Fatigue – Driver fatigue and tiredness is a major cause of tractor trailer jackknife. This could be from illegal drugs or lack of sleep.

  • Aggressive truck operators

  • Impossible delivery schedules

  • Inadequate safety inspections

  • Following too closely

  • Consecutive work-shifts

  • Driver tiredness and exhaustion

  • Use of a cellular phone while driving

  • Lack of proper mirrors and cameras

  • Jackknife

  • Exceeding maximum speed for safe conditions

     For example, an 18-wheeler tractor trailer moving at 80 miles per hour has about twice as much kinetic energy as one at 60 mph. As another factor to consider, passenger motor vehicles were not designed under Federal laws to withstand an impact with a 100,000 pound behemoth like a wide load tractor trailer on the 99 freeway, or Interstate 5. Tractor trailers often are equipped with high bumpers that can literally decapitate a driver or occupant of a passenger vehicle. These are just a few of the deadly factors involved in a tractor trailer crash on the roads and freeways of Central California.