Dog Bite Injury

We Assist Victims Injured by Dog Attacks & Dog Bites

Animal attacks, particularly unprovoked attacks by dogs, have become a serious public problem within every community. In many cases, animal attacks have left both adults and children with a lifetime of physical and emotionalinjuries. This problem has become so serious within the State of California that the Legislature has stated that these animal attacks have become a “threat to the safety and welfare of citizens of this state. In recent years, they have assaulted without provocation and seriously injured numerous individuals, particularly children…”  With specific reference to dog attacks, the California Legislature has stated “the number and severity of these attacks are attributable to the failure of owners to register, confine, and properly control vicious and potentially dangerous dogs.”

 Dog bites in particular can be extremely serious. Such injuries often cause disfiguring scars, muscle damage, nerve damage, broken bones, psychological harm, and other serious injuries. Ronald D. Smith Attorney at Law, with over 32 years of legal experience, can help guide you through the process of recovery and compensation.

The Office of Ronald D. Smith knows and understands the laws of the State of California, and particularly the laws that pertain to animal attacks, specificallyattacks by vicious and dangerous dogs.  He, and the professionals in his office, know that the owner of any dog is liable for the damages suffered by any person who is bitten by the dog. This is true whether the injury occurs in a public place or in a private place, such as the dog owner’s own property. The owner is responsible regardless of whether or not he or she had prior knowledge of the viciousness of the animal. Of course, if the owner or keeper of the dog had prior knowledge that the animal was dangerous, then that person can be held strictly liable for any damage to others.Strict liability merely makes it easier to prove you case.


While anyone, young or old, can be a victim of an animal attack, the vast majority of animal attack victims are small children.  In fact, dog bites are the cause of more emergency room visits by children than any other childhoodinjuries, even burn injuries.  A small child who was bitten by a dog owned by a friend, neighbor or a relative can suffer both physical and emotional problems.  Often, you are reluctant to sue friends, neighbors and or relatives.  But you need to understand that many of these injuries are covered by the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy, and may even includeinsurance claims under an excess or umbrella policy to boot.  But yourattorney must know California Dog Bite Laws to get the maximum recovery for you, the damage recovery you deserve.


The Law Office of Ronald D. Smith has the experience and knowledge concerning animal attack lawsuits and insurance claims.  Our office will help you determine the amount of your money damages claims and how to recover them in a timely fashion.  This may include damages for future care if you suffer permanent injuries to your body or mind.  Let us help you determine what insurance coverage or policies are available before you simply give up on your dog attack case.  If there is insurance coverage available, the Office of Ronald D. Smith will find it.


We will assist you in finding a doctor, and help you get a doctor to work on a lien if you cannot afford the best medical care for yourself or your small child who is injured by an animal attack.  We can also help locate a psychiatrist or psychologist to help with the emotional difficulties of an attack by a dangerous animal.