Motorcycle Accidents

Determining who is legally responsible in a traffic accident depends upon the carelessness, among other factors, of the alleged wrongdoer. In freeway and highway traffic accidents, state traffic laws, like the California Vehicle Code  provide the rules of the road.  Violating these rules and then causing a collision could create a reputable presumption of negligence – aka negligence per se - and ultimate liability. In many situations, car operators could be liable for a traffic accident even if they were driving at or below the posted speed limit, or otherwise obeying the laws of the state. This is because, for example, a “safe” speed and not the posted speed is what is required for a responsible driver. Another example would be a roadway defect, or foggy conditions, or cases where the sun is in the car driver’s eyes, impairing visibility. These conditions would require extra care and caution when driving on the road, like pulling over to the curb, or driving slower.

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     Injuries from Motorcycle accidents are not the same as those in an enclosed passenger car with seat-belts and airbags. In fact, they are not even close. Motorcycles are usually two wheeled vehicles that will usually eject the rider in a high speed, or low speed crash. Even pads and helmets do little to protect the motorcycle riders in a crash. This can leave the rider with a ruptured disc, a serious brain injury, fracture or even result in wrongful death. Because Ronald D. Smith is an attorney with vast knowledge of tort laws  he can help guide you through the legal quagmire that other motorcycle accident attorneys either don’t have the time, or the desire to take on when valuating your damages claims.

     With over 33 years of experience Ronald D. Smith will aggressively litigate your case to make sure you recover the maximum damages allowable under the law. These damages include, monetary compensation for mental and physical pain and suffering. Our experienced staff of legal professionals know exactly what we need to do in order to maximize the value of your case. Your doctor and hospital bills need to be paid and the wrongdoer should be forced to pay under our tort system.

     We work with qualified experts to investigate your case and learn the finer points of your individual fact patterns.

     Our law firm has vast legal knowledge of the anatomy of motorcycle accidents. You should know your legal rights if you have been injured while riding a motorcycle. Don’t guess at the value of your case!